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Sauna at Hotel Krone

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Panorama Sauna at the 4* Hotel in Bavaria

Panorama relaxation rooms featuring natural wood and glass: the really "hot" Finnish sauna and the "moderate" Sanarium complete the fabulous Alpenhotel Krone Sauna Parlor.

Alpenhotel's Sauna Zone

Soft light and soothing warmth coming from deep inside provide you with a special energy boost. Gentle sweating has many positive effects on your immune system and well-being, especially if you take a wonderfully refreshing shower after every sauna session. One thing is for sure: you will feel like new born and restore your body to health and strength.
A healthy sweating session is followed by deep relaxation in the comfortable loungers of our Relax & Unwind Zone - in summer you can also wind down in the private outdoor area. Simply let your thoughts wander.

Warmth & Treatments

A sauna session is pure pleasure and also a perfect start into a made to measure massage program. Varied massage treatments are available in the Hotel Krone Wellness Area. 

Revitalizing Sauna & Massage

Especially after a smooth sweating unit your skin is ready to absorb nutrients and care products. Every cell in your body is energized while our massage experts loosen tense muscles and joints. Gently touching hands and invigorating massages reactivates your energy centers by giving you a general boost.

At a Glance

Our splendid Sauna Zone offers a Finnish sauna with approximately 90° Celsius and a Sanarium with about 60° Celsius and 50 % air humidity.
Additional Amenities:

  • spacious shower area for refreshing moments after every sauna session
  • unique Relax & Unwind Zone   
  • quench your thirst at the tea bar
  • in-between snacks: fresh apples and dried fruit
  • a protected private outdoor area with loungers (in summer)

Opening Hours

Daily from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm
In bad weather the Sauna Zone and Relax & Unwind Zone are open earlier (on request).

Please note: the Sauna Zone is a textile-free area and only open to guests over 16 years!

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