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Spa Treatments at Hotel Krone

Classic Full-Body Wellness Massage - optional with aromatic oil

Duration: 60 min.

The perfect combination of soft and strong massage strokes has enhancing effects on your whole blood circulation system. A truly revitalizing body treatment providing also unrivaled relaxation.

Price: € 65.00
(Price per unit)

Classic Wellness Massage - Back/Neck

Duration: 30 min.

Balm for the soul, pleasant feeling on the skin. Essential oils have numerous calming effects on the physical, mental and psychological state of a person. Choose your favorite aroma and enjoy a relaxing, harmonizing and reactivating or refreshing massage.

Price: € 38.00
(Price per unit)

Energetic Foot Massage

Duration: 40 min.

Massaging your feet can be extremely pleasant and revitalizing, especially in stressful and hectic times. By stimulating certain feet energy centers, the body's increasing energy flow is reactivated. A foot massage is also an important precautionary health care measure.

Price: € 45.00
(Price per unit)

Breuss Massage

Duration: 40 min.

A very smooth, energetic and manual back massage using St. John's wort oil. The body's energy flow is activated by smooth strokes, stretches and gentle massage techniques while pent-up tensions are loosened. A real treat for body, mind and soul!

Price: € 49.00
(Price per unit)

Cosmetic Lymphatic Drainage

Duration: 20 min.

An advanced and smooth massage stimulating the lymphatic vessels in order to firm the skin and improve skin texture ("ironing effect"). Has regenerative effects and strengthens the immune system in a precautionary way.

Price: € 22.00
(Price per unit)

Hot Stone Massage - Full Body

Duration: 75 min.

This wonderfully relaxing massage, involving stones of different sizes and temperatures, is known as a natural shaman therapy with highly relaxing effects. It is a perfect combination of massage, energetic treatment and soothing warmth thanks to heated basalt stones. The interplay of hot and cold stones is energetically balancing and calming by loosening tense muscles and enhancing blood circulation.

Price: € 79.00
(Price per unit)

Sports Massage

Duration: 50 min.

Sportsmen can take full advantage of this preparatory massage before they start their training session or prior to a competition or to cool down afterwards in order to regenerate tired muscles (loosens tense muscles).

Price: € 56.00
(Price per unit)

Massage for the Youngest – up to 12 Years

Duration: 30 min.

A soft, gentle and very relaxing stroke massage for the back and feet. Helps to relax and unwind especially if your child suffers from stress at school or during leisure time.

Price: € 25.00
(Price per unit)

Massage for the Youngest

Duration: 10 min.

Only available in combination with the booking of a regular massage treatment.

Price: € 0.00
(Price per unit)

Combined Massage I

Duration: 60 min.

Back/neck massage + Energetic foot massage

Price: € 65.00
(Price per unit)

Combined Massage II

Duration: 60 min.

Breuss massage + Cosmetic Lymphatic Drainage (face)

Price: € 65.00
(Price per unit)

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